June 6

100% ME

I am 9% very funny,

10% loving and kind,

10% addicted to reading,

15% caring for my friends,

8% love writing,

20% always there for my family,

2% scared of the dark,

1% a little bossy,

1% a stressed out person,

4% a dream to fly,


It all adds up entirely,

to what makes 100% ME.

June 6

Writing Peices

Photo on 6-06-2016 at 10.44 am #2 Photo on 6-06-2016 at 10.44 am

Paraghraph 1.                                                          Not finished yet but i’ll keep you updated

Do what you have to                                            Your guess is as good as mine,

Protect yourself                                                    A chipmunk,

You have to fight to win                                     A bear,

Every man for himself                                        A wildcat,

Paraghraph 2.                                                      Or nothing.

Protect yourself

Soon you will die

Every man for himself

There you will lie


Soon you will die

Right there on the spot

There you will lie

Dead; stabbed, shot


Right there on the spot

You have to fight to win

Dead; stabbed, shot

Do what you have to